For you saw how lonely my
heart was, how can you hurtfully
reject my love as if it is empty?

For you saw that I fantasised
about your love, how can you
embarrassingly get rid of my love?

For you saw that my love was created
for your beauty, how can you
betray my life with another soul?

For you knew how deep my love
appeared in your eyes like Mulunguzi dam,
How come you are not drowning?

For you knew that my love for
you never dries up like the Pacific Ocean,
How come you are silting like Lake Chirwa?

For you hear that my dreams whispers
about your beauty, how come you never
grew deep down in my heart like a root?

For you truly believe the words of
my mouth, how come you’ve been deceived
by other lovers like Eve in the Garden of Eden?

For your head never gets tired of brushing
my beard, how come your hands are
swimming around someone else’s waters?

For your eyes enjoy looking at the
beauty that is painted inside my heart,
How come you are now unexpectedly dozing?
Should we say that my heart has expired?
Or that it is now unaware of your feelings,
And emotions that are placed in your heart?
Should we say that my heart has worn out
like a tire?
Or that my heart has changed its colour like a

Now, my heart has wilted for you, you never
hesitated to water me with your love.

Now, my tears are dry like sand in the Sahara desert
Always remember, though I may search for
your heart in the Garden of Eden, I can never
be deceived by Satan that can persuade me
to forget all about you, for I will always love you.