I wish my heart was made of stone unbreakable
I wish it was made of fire untouchable
But now I just wonder where all broken lovers go
And what punishment those who break hearts receive

Will I ever love again?
Well, if I had a diamond heart I would love you too
Readily I would accept and reciprocate your love
Only if you pulled me out of this place where broken lovers stay
If my heart was unbreakable I would readily believe you
When you say you can’t live without me
But hey how have you survived to this point?

I don’t know if this is right or wrong but sorry
I can’t tell the difference between love and infatuation
Because I have been a victim to bothIf my heart was shatterproof I would clasp your hand
And dance with you to a tune that has no end,
A tune of happily-ever-after, but I’m afraid
No sooner will you be done with me than you’d be gone,
Never to be seen again
You say you would die for me, would you?
Well that lie would have sounded true
If my heart was made of stone.
You say I’m the air you breathe,
Sorry but since when did I become oxygen.
You say no one will ever love me like you would
But hey, that’s what they all said
When they came as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I’m not being difficult I’m just saying no
Before I start dancing to your tune
If I had a solid heart I would give you all my love.
Our love would be like a sweet-sounding melody that has no end
We would walk head high knowing that we both love each other
Go on dates and dance to forever music.
Every stage would play our song.
For now, bye, I’m off to get some healing.
Because I’m done crying in pain
I’m done hating myself for failing