I am sitting here reminiscing about
The lies we told to each other in the dark.
And to be frankly honest I had no idea
Forever was this short.

A day after forever and I am sitting here
Counting the stars and extracting the wishes
We blew under the dark sky
I am lying under the stars letting the warmth of
Your head on my chest fade
Blowing the feel of your lips on mine
Off into the starlight

I am counting the days you lit up my world
And became the light in my storms
My sunshine at midnight.

Forever was so short, just like the sparkles
In the stories we were told as children
Tales of Angels and Devils who could chase out
The moon and light up the sun in its place.

I am here wondering if any of it was real
Maybe, maybe it’s just the ash of our dreams,
The fragments of our secret desires
I push open my hand,
And let it fall slowly off my palms
Into the wind
I am letting go, the dust of our dreams.
It’s a day after forever and I have to wake up….