Why does it have to be woman on the receiving end of it all?
Don’t you have alternatives to dissipate your anger?
Do we have to cry for you to better yourself?
Is pumping fists and aiming them at us your way to dominance, huh?
Protect us and we shall care for you
Respecting you made you think we’re punching bags
Back and forth we go
Pushing us, way too hard
Male and female roles turned us to slaves

How dare you change her?
A woman’s real smile to a forced one
Her tears of joy to tears of sorrow
Her freedom to a life of prison
What about her chain?
No! Not a physical one
The emotional chains locked all over her body
That’s not all!
You decorate her body with blue and red prints
How dare you?!
Her face won’t make you happy until she’s black and blue
What does it have to take for you to realise your mistakes
There’s no sugarcoating it.
You are a beast among humans!