How could you do such a thing?
Promise her security, love and comfort?
And now all that you have to offer is pain,
Brutality and animosity in such a huge capacity

Don’t you realise
That she chose you out of many?
Don’t be fooled,
She did receive warnings about you,
But her heart was dedicated only to you,

What was meant to be her passion,
To whom she gave all her affection,
Has now become the source of depression,
Because of you she lives under oppression,

You abuse her emotionally,
As if that was not enough,
You had to do it physically,
What was it that she did so wrong?
That your silver tongue so strong,
Couldn’t string her along,

Because of you dear brother,
She is a nervous wreck,
Consumed by paranoia,
She never thought that one day,
To protect herself from you,
She would have to sue you,
Even that, she knows, may not prove to be enough,

She has experienced the point of having had enough,
Due to the touch of your hand so rough,
Which has now made her unable to laugh.

Do you even remember?
The day you entered her life,
Promising her love?

Do you ever wonder?
When you wake up and see her swollen face,
Her shadowy blue eye,
Her now bruised body,
Which you once made her believe was the most beautiful of all,
And you were sure that in love with you she’d fall,

All she has now are the memories to cherish,
For she now knows that from your own hand,
It is an undeniable sad truth that she would perish.

I urge you now dear brother,
It’s better you let her go,
For so clearly it shows,
That for her your heart holds no love any more.