The night was too tide
When I sticked with my last
So embraced with the maid
In the middle of the light

She is certain superb of the maids
The best choice ever did
That moons can’t get z’s
Holding the tilt in the land

Winds come to never tire her up
Love is meant to inspire her
Unaltered blinks at me so pop
A smile that creates proper

Wounds in thousands won’t hurt
while the cure is set in her arms
Working inside the edges of a heart
So strengthened, trials finalize

The worlds know we’re an ensemble
Retreating the light of the couples
All the seasons saw us enable
Fostered cares blowing in bubbles

Skies above and mods on the earth
Love betwixt like a pestle to hoe
Fly to dream the truth dead to know
Where it stands and can’t bow

By it’s ken that both understand
With it’s mood that all will await
Leggers nod with an entire trend
But all led in the same cult

All is said and many will end
Time is a lead to all the hats
Idle slaves will bet a bend
Love itself will host feasts

Who was I love don’t
Love owns not to lease
Frees a tongue to heart a hurt
Fights a light to tame the right

Sends beams to all the senses
Wars freeze and won’t retake
All is won until it ceases
Before it reigns over the lake

It fears not the highs and lows
A rank dates a rame
By its sake a lion miaws
The world be owned in zero time

A night marries a day
The right tremtion killer
Angels a demon in a calm way
Awakens minds as a sigh healer

It wows when it settles
A king becomes the best cook
A wanderer donates the cattles
A vow vedges the vex

Love kills to love
You enter the gates abnormal
Throw the beliefs have
Gives power to rely on the real

Its not who you love and knows you
Its not where you are when she is there too
Its not who you are and what you do
Its who you love and who loves you.

You got shot digest fast
Behave as if life is only that
Dies when the shooter is absent
Down and up the heart is won.