Having one is a miracle.
Now I have two, my precious jewels.
What is a child?

I say the best gifts God gives us.
Blessings from God.
Some say they are mistakes and accept them

Some say they are mistakes and dump them in the street or bushes.
A child can come in a lot of ways.
Sometimes in the hardest of times, but we accept them.

They represent you, your bloodline.

When a child is in your life, you become responsible for maintaining them.
Some men refuse to be responsible,
They are not worthy to be called fathers.

My heart pains when one can’t accept a baby and leave it in a bush or bin.
What if a lion or leopard eats your child as a meal?
Will you be able to live with a guilty conscience?

For those who are married, they accept and love the child.
They watch them grow and embrace the moments.
They teach them and discipline them.
Some children bring joy and some bring heartache.

A child is a child, your gift from God.
I wish to have one for the last time.
I miss seeing very tiny fingers and little feet.
A child is made from two humans from opposite sexes.
I adore all mothers who never abandon their child no matter what.
I also adore men who take responsibility.
To all young women, plan on having a baby at the right time.
If you aren’t ready, there are ways to avoid those situations.
Do the right thing!