All was for nothing.
I was good before you tagged along
To be precise with you, I was doing just fine
I had all the happiness the world could offer
But I still took the bait and risked my life
A brutal death I died

Although I wasn’t keen to be with you
I took a chance and gambled my life
Ohhh man so sweet, so humble yet so generous you were
All that I was looking for in a man I got in you.
But was it really worth it?
Slowly I said please let me go…

First argument, I took it slightly.
First slap, I thought you made a mistake.
Repeated insults and swear words, mmmhk
I forgave you still, hoping you would change for the better
Surely I was signing my death warrant

I cried till I dropped
In a pool of my own blood
With my eyes shattered
And you heard me when
I begged for my life but you never showed care
My death was horrifying