Walking in the morning cold
The wind on my face,
My hands under a torn jersey
On dusty roads my polish fades

Excuse me I’m not Johnnie Walker
I just pretend to be
But it will be rewarding sengihamba nge-vrrrrppphhhhaa

The journey continues in the scorching sun
Kilograms of textbooks hold me back
But they’re the maps to my future,
Where X marks the spot, where education has been set
But it will be rewarding when you see billions
Never mind millions in my bank account!

Down to the evening
Homework is a mile and centimetre long, don’t tell me about it
Cooking and cleaning, and all the house work
It’s not abuse, its in-service training.
Training for an independent living
Better watch out I’ll be living in a mansion!

In a candlelit room I prepare for the day ascending
I find comfort in my books
Inspiration in my quotes
And love from the lord

My future is coming
My future is here
My future is bright.