God gave us a day’s grace.
We were chosen within our lovely country.
Our mentors called us a fortunate youth of 2010.
They named us agents of change.
We were the pilots of NARYSEC.

This was not a ghost of a chance to us SA youth.
We put our foot down and work for our own lovely country.
We were well prepared by soldiers at De-burg military base.
Did pledge as active citizens, committed ourselves to effect positive
Change in our community as well as our country.

All turns to be fool’s paradise.
We sweat blood and tears.
Talked civilian and military language,
Risking our lives hoping for a better change.
No one understood us even when talking politician lingo.
Government officials cooked our goose to success.

Now is time to take our gullet on our brighter future.
We have a feet of clay.
I have seen you shed crocodile tears.
As they just pulled wool over our eyes.
All they gave us is fear and threats.
You officials, you have corrupted the younger stars.

Opposition parties were defeated when trying to help SA youth.
I am ruined by my own government.
The government that I have voted for with my charismatic face.
Our tears are running dry.