We are the charter of promises
The prophesy long written
The shadow of things once hoped for
The reality we all fought for

We are the planted seeds
Watered by tears, by blood
With hoisted sticks and tossed stones
With chanted pained songs

We are a generation of hope
Beneficiaries of sacrifices
Of defiance turned to compliance
Those tasked to amend errors of the past

So let’s raise our fists
To the sons and daughters
Warriors with no shields
Those who took a stand

We salute all unselfish efforts
The backs bent to bridges
That led to a better tomorrow
A dream sadly not seen by many

Here and now we pledge
Never to come short of their hopes
Not to take for granted the cost
To always remember the sacrifices

We stand united on a bridge of promises
Rewriting each tainted page with a better ink
Reconciling our differences at peace
With no stones thrown, no bullets shot