I’d be a better man
I’ve realised that most males are there just to hurt their women
They lie and cheat on them
But I don’t understand why

For if you no longer love a person, why don’t you just leave them?

They break a girl’s heart with their lies
Promise to be with them till the end
Express their “true love” to them
Just to get what they want.

So many single mothers today
Dad’s runaway
Chasing women with figures

The works of a coward I tell you!

Why become a sugar daddy?
Why date someone younger than your grandchild?
Why leave your wife at home
Leave her to wipe away all her tears?

Why so much pain?
Many do not know who their fathers are
The youth is carrying so much hate in them because of this.

It’s hard being a single mother
Playing both roles of being a mother and a father
And sometimes it is just not enough
Since kids would love to feel their fathers love as well

All I could ever be…
Is to be a better man…