She dwells in the dark.
She sits and watches,
as all unfolds before her eyes.
She watches in wonder,
the awe in her eyes dried up.

There is nothing for her to like
For all she ever loved was snatched from her arms
Now she is left dwelling in the dark
She feels alone- cold and abandoned
There is nobody to warm her frozen body,

No one to nurse her wounds and
No one to mend her broken heart.
There is no one to tell of her bleeding heart
She is drowning in her own tears

Suffocated by her own troubles
She is in flames of her own heartbreak.
She lets out her hand seeking for help

The desperation in her growing as the pain worsens
There is nobody to help her soul
All those around her are blinded by her smile
Deafened by her laughter

For she smiles to hide her pain
And laughs to hide her fears
Each moment passing, the darkness worsens
She weeps on her own

Nothing is able to numb the pain instilled in her
The loneliness she feels tears her apart
There is nobody to help her restless soul
No one to hear her cries or see her pain

The darkness is where she dwells
Her mind is as chaotic as hell
Her soul lost and messy
The shattered heart within her is heavy

She knowns her way around the dark halls
For all her life she lived in darkness
There is nothing to cleanse her soul
The pain is forever instilled in her

She weeps as she asks for help
With nobody to raise her out
The flames burn her and
her cries are heard by no one
She opens her eyes to the sight of hell

Though the golden flames stay strong
The halls are as dark as a moonless night
She is all alone-cold and abandoned
She dwells in the dark