What would you do if that
Girl/boyfriend whom you
Solely love woke up blind?
I’m partially blind I’m
Just going to write what’s
On my heart because it’s
The brain that sees ,
Not your eyes.

Now the password to my rib
Ca0ge is pictures, pictures
I could only dream of in
Black and white, and the only
Colour I sense is the texture
Of your warm skin drawn closer
To me. How will I remember
You if I go blind? Would I
Risk seeing again?

Missing how you gazed at me
Whenever you went speechless.
Would you also go blind
Because your eyes make you
Sin and join me in this
Dark twisted fantasy that’s
Only brightened by the
Unconditional love we have
For each other?

We would publish our own
Poetry book from the first
Day we both went blind and
Title it “blind folded love

And I quote: “love is blind
That’s why I write all my
Poems in braille. I don’t
Need to write all my poems
In braille but my whole body
Will be braille and every
Time you touch my skin you
Will grab poetry.

Are we insulted whenever
Someone who has eyes say
Love is blind?”