This smile is hiding all
The tears. It is concealing
All my fears. The smile
Disappears late at night,
When there is no light,
When nobody can see
This smile does flee.

I try chasing it until it
Is replaced by hurt, and
Questions… Unanswered
Questions. Like, why do
We have to fake smiles
When we still have to
Walk miles?

Why cry behind closed doors
Smiling on the outside …
Dying inside…
Why do we have to live a lie,
Why do we have to wear masks,
When we have such beautiful skin,
Why do we? Why do we?

Why do we have to hide it…
When it hurts, it hurts…
It can damage one’s soul.
This is not fouls play
It is a check of reality.
For life is no fantasy.

The soul has no pill
Once it is shattered it
Is shattered. Why do we
Have to believe in those
Of flesh when we have the
Creator, the creator who
Can wipe that pain,
And replace it with
Happiness, interlinked
With a real smile….
That is my creator
And your creator