Your slave concubine is looking forward to her sentence.
A gentle whisper.
A kiss running through her spine.
Like a guitar waiting to be unwrapped.

I would like to open up my heart to you.
But I lack the skills.
I am short of words.
Because my heart harbours so many
Good feelings towards you that
The dictionary seems too short to express all this love.

I feel an immense and endless love for you.
Immense ‘cause it’s almost impossible
To measure it against anything.
Endless, it’s our given name
It reassures us that it will endure all the winters ahead.

It will reach fall with a royal dignity of an oak tree.
This immense love is all yours.
It moves and targets my thoughts towards feelings and beauty
With you plus the emotion that your
Existence and closeness brings me.

Make me capable of overcoming
All the dangers and obstacles life may bring.
With you I’m unable to succumb to sadness and desperation.
You smile brings me trust and joy.
You turned out to be a part of my happy soul.
Yes, my love, you are the one that makes it happy.
Today I want the entire world to sing it and
I tell it to you, how much my love is for you.
It’s eternal and like a piano without sound.
You have won it.