Been knocking at your door
I found it open but the wind closed it
With your bare hands you opened it again for me
As I walked towards the open door I tripped and fell
Took me years to stand and pick up the broken pieces of my teeth

After putting superglue on them
I looked and the door was closed
Bad news the owner of the door to success lost the keys
It took me years to get the keys
I went from country to country, city to city, sea to sea
Looking for the keys
Ooh finally found them

As I walk towards the door I watched all steps carefully
So I don’t fall again
Ooh finally I’m opening the door to my success
When almost done the key broke
I sat down and searched for any tool in my bag to fix my problem
Then I found perseverance
I then mixed perseverance with hard work
Then broke the door
Finally I reached my success