In her black plastic bag, Gina has two tablespoons, two cups, two plastic bottles full of water, farina, milk, sugar and biscuits. She also has a lappa in it, which she takes out and spreads on the ground. Snow is not as comfortable with the environment as Gina is. They prepare the mixture. Snow is the first to taste his blend. Gina’s head is bent over. She stirs her mixture. She adds more biscuits, milk and water.

Snow: (Screaming) Goddddd!

Gina: (Startled) What happened? (Snow’s hand is on his neck. She drops her cup and runs to his back). It is a black ant. You already killed it. Eh, Snow, man! You almost made me waste my juicy gari! It’s just an ant and you’re yelling like this! If you see an alligator, you will fly away!

Snow is quiet. He only rubs the tingling pain with his palm. His eyes begin to change. They grow larger. More hair grows on his skin and head. His front teeth grow longer. He transforms into a zombie. When he speaks, his voice is terrible. Gina turns her back to him without noticing the transformation.

Snow: Who are you?

Gina: (Jerkily stirring the farina) That don’t… (She turns to face him. He opens his mouth wide, screaming like a demon. Gina screams and begins to run away. She runs to the nearest building. It is made of zinc. She hides behind the mud bed. The zombie speeds behind her.)

Snow: Where are you going? You are mine!

There is a short stick in the room. Gina holds onto it with all her might. The zombie gets closer to the house. It smells her all around. The new Snow-Zombie enters the small building. He first skims around where the fire hearth is. Next, he sniffs the next small room before heading to the door of the room that Gina is in. She closes her eyes when he pushes the door wide open. She immediately falls to the ground right at the door. He groans like a beast in pain. Slowly, Gina stands up to try and pass him. He lies in her way and that’s her greatest fear. She musters her courage and stealthily passes him. He grabs her clothes. She cries and screams.

Gina: Help! Help! Please help me, eh!

The end of her clothes tears away and she escapes, running quickly. The piece of her clothes is left in the zombie’s hand. Annoyed, the zombie chucks it onto the ground. It follows her. She glances at her watch; it is 1:20 p.m. She runs to the palm bushes. There she secures herself behind one of the trees, but the zombie is already there.

Snow-Zombie: Hahahaha! There is nowhere to run. And there is nowhere to hide!

Gina makes the sign of the cross with her hands. She stumbles to the ground. She sees the zombie coming, and then all of a sudden, he disappears in front of her eyes. She rubs them to make sure it is real, but then he hits her on her head. She collapses to the ground. He lifts her on his shoulder and takes her away. Meanwhile, Nelly, the last watch of Cotton Tree Community, is watching them from a hideout near by.

As the zombie leaves, he feels and smells another human being other than Gina. He lays her down on the ground and checks around. He first stoops over Nelly, who spies from a hole covered with leaves. He checks on the other side, but he sees nobody. Nelly comes out of the hole, lifts the unconscious Gina onto her shoulders and escapes into the bushes. The zombie is down. It gets up. It is furious! It grumbles and bangs its fists against its chest like an ape. It screams and the echoes of the sound reach Nelly and Gina at the ‘kongo’.

Nelly’s blouse and short skirt are brown like dried leaves. She has a bush rope as her belt. She is dark, as tall as Gina and very strong. Gina is lying on a lappa. She treats her wounds with herbs. She is as still as a dead body.

Gina is in the midst of a dream. She is kissing Snow. He suddenly changes into a zombie. He bites off her small finger. She runs away from him. In her flight, she meets an old man who advises her.

Old man: The only way to get rid of him is with the flower friend of the cotton tree…the only way to get rid of him is…

Gina startles awake from the dream. Her watch says 3:30 p.m. She looks at her small finger, it is still intact. She looks all around. She sees nobody. The room is simple and it appears to be a woman’s room. She feels and observes the wounds on her body. At the edge of the bush, Nelly the last watch spies the zombie approaching in their direction. She runs and hides in another hole cover with dried leaves. She soon realises that her covering is turned towards the sun. When she lifts her head to look upwards, Snow stands over the hole with a huge rock. He lowers it down on her in the hole.



Tell us what you think: Will Gina and Nelly be able to defeat the zombie?