The previous year, Snow decided to work for twenty hours, day and night. He wakes up at 2:00 a.m. He does a few push ups, then he sits at the table to write. At 6:30 a.m., Gina is still in bed. She kicks Atus’s foot away from on her. She glances at her watch; it is 6:59 a.m. She gets up, brushes her teeth and washes her face.

Gina: (Whispering.) Today is our day.

Snow is at a gin shop in town. He has a lit wee in his hand. 50 Cent’s P. I. M. P plays in the background. When the song fades out, Wono asks a question.

Wono: So, what’s the meaning of P. I. M. P?

Oslo: A man who depends on a woman. Pass the wee, my man. (He hands the smoke to him).

Wono: Oh, you mean a man who lives with a woman?

Snow: No, not really. (To the shop owner). Please give me five dollars ‘ganagana’. A pimp is a man who relies on a woman for his living.

Oslo: She can even sleep with other men to feed him.

Wono: Mmm hmm! That’s crazy lazy, man.

Snow: Hahahahaa! Today is my first anniversary.

Wono: Congratulations! It’s not easy to be married for a year.

Snow: We are not married yet, but we’ve spent a year together.

Oslo: To me, that’s marriage. So what are you doing for us?

Snow: You have smoked wee and you have cut gin. What else do you want?

Wono: Just buy the ‘brand’.

Oslo: And another wee or gin.

Snow: Wono, cigarette is not good for your health. I say, bring us ‘brands’, three sticks. After this I will go celebrate with my baby.

At Snow’s house. 10:28 a.m. B2K’s song “Bump, Bump, Bump” plays in the background. Gina walks along a narrow footpath. There are various shrubs, including the famous wounds medicine, “the doe leaf” and “the cough and toothbrush trees.” In the company of those shrubs are bush pigeons, bush chickens, lizards, wasps, bees, beetles, hawks, the bird we call “ten-ten” because of its miniature stature and the fierce unfriendly black and white bird. I think Westerners call that black and white bird the “white breasted nuthatch”. It prides itself as a songbird.

The front of the house proves that Snow is not around. Gina sits down on the small concrete slab near the tree. Sisqo’s “Incomplete” begins to play. At 10:33 a.m., Snow walks up the same path that she did. She quietly watches him as he walks slowly towards her. He smiles. The song fades.

Snow: (Hurriedly) I’ve already taken my bath, let me just change, then we start going.

Gina: Who asked you? (She grins as he hurries away.)

He resurfaces wearing green, military-style shorts and a big black Sean John T-shirt. He is wearing a black pair of boots to match.

Snow: I am set for the day.

Gina: You look sweet, baby.

Snow: So do you, you’re just fantastic! Turn around, turn around, let me see!



Tell us what you think: What do you predict will happen to Gina and Snow at the Du River?