(It’s Monday morning, and Sipho and his friend, Morris, are planning for a Saturday concert at the FNB Stadium.)

Sipho: Hey buddy, have you heard about the music festival?

Morris: Yeah, but I’m not going, man. You know I can’t go with you and Hlanhla. I don’t have a girlfriend!

Sipho: Man, look, I’ll buy you all the stuff you want: beer, meat, and petrol. I’ll also tell my girlfriend to invite Zinhle. You have to come with us.

Morris: Sounds great, then. Let’s do it.

(It’s after school now, and Sipho is walking with his girlfriend, Hlanhla, and is telling her about the festival. He wants to ask her to bring her friend, Zinhle, along so Morris won’t be alone.)

Sipho: Babe, the festival is right around the corner; can you ask Zinhle to join us? It’s free; Morris and I will pay for everything.

Hlanhla: (Kissing him) Really, baby? Free? But do you think she’s going to agree to that? Like, a double date with the two of us and Morris?

Sipho: Morris wants to be with her. She’s your friend and you know her so you must try to get her to come.

Hlanhla: I’ll talk to her.

What do you think is going to happen next?