(Rayond enters the room unexpectedly.)

Raymond: (Softly takes the gunfrom Ruddy.) Stop it Rud, what is wrong with you, are you mad?

Ruddy: (Sounding angry.) Yes, I am mad because of that photo and will. Take it and look.

Raymond: (Looks at the photo and paper.) That’s my photo when I was young. Where did you get it? I have the same photo at my house.

Ruddy: That one belonged to my father. I mean our father.

Raymond: I don’t have a father. My father was the uncle that I buried the past seven weeks.

Ruddy: You don’t understand. Please pull up your shirt.

Raymond: What for? I don’t want to.

Sammy: Please my love, do so. Rud wants to shows you something, and you too Rud, do so.

Ruddy: What is that on your rib and mine?

Raymond: It’s just a stretch mark.

Ruddy: No, it’s a number one on your rib, and a number two on mine. It means we are born from one blood, one family. You are my brother, Ray.

Raymond: I’m not your brother, I’m alone at home.

Sammy: (Emphasising.) Yes love, it’s true. Read that will of your father.

Ruddy: Please my brother, forgive me. I tried destroying your future so many times, and cheated on you with Sammy.

Sammy: Yes, its’ true Ray. I fell in love with Ruddy secretly, please forgive us. It is our mistake, and I’m still in love with you and I wish to start a new life with you.

Raymond: (After reading and crying.) It’s an unbelievable story, but why did dad do this to us? I forgive both of you, and I am prepared to marry you Sammy.

Sammy: Thank you very much, Ray.

Raymond: This paper is not a will, Rud. What did your lawyer say about it after his death?

Ruddy: I don’t know if the lawyer is stil alive or not, because he said he will come after the funeral and read it for me, but I ignored him until he left.

Raymond: Do you think I’m included in that will, and that the lawyer knows about this letter?

Ruddy: I don’t know. The will was not written by me, and I was not there when it was drafted.

Raymond: So why did you tear it into pieces?

Ruddy: Come on Ray. Why are you asking so many questions? I was angry when I heard that.

Tell us: What do you think is going to happen next?