(It is a party at Ray’s house, and the house is full of people. There are friends there with their partners. Everyone except Rudy. The music is loud and people are dancing. There are sounds of cameras capturing images of Raymond and Sammy. They cannot stop smiling, and they are drinking wine.)

Raymond: This toast is for you, my love. To Queen Sammy, for being on my side, and to my career.

Sammy: And to my sweetheart Ray. We celebrate your hard work, thank you.

(They all say cheers and toast the couple.)

Raymond: Hey, Rud, may bla, I hope you’re enjoying being here.

Ruddy: Yes, but not the way you think.

Raymond: I don’t understand you, because everyone here is happy to celebrate with us. Remember, you are my competitor.

Ruddy: Yes, I know that, but I’m disappointed because you beat me, and please may bla, tell me your secret. Where do you get the stamina to run faster than us?

Raymond: (Laughs.) Do you really want to know?

Ruddy: (Also laughs.) Yes my man. maybe I will copy.

Raymond: Okay, it’s very simple, I eat brown beans and drink a lot of water.

(They both laugh.)

Ruddy: Stop joking, may bla.

Raymond: That’s true, may bla. I want to know, where is your partner?

Ruddy: Who, you mean Sammy?

Raymond: Sammy is your partner?

Ruddy: No, Sammy is your partner. I don’t have a partner. I came alone. It’s just the slip of the tongue. I will get one here.

Tell us: Do you think Raymond will ever find out about Sammy and Ruddy?