(It is outside Sammy’s house. Dogs are barking, so Granny gets out from her house to see what is happening.)

Raymond: (He knocks on the door.) Hello, Sammy, are you there? It’s me, Ray. Please open the door my love, I am visiting you.

Neighbour: (Speaking with a trembling voice.) Hey, you boy, what are you doing at Sammy’s house?

Raymond: (Speaking with respect.) Afternoon granny, I’m Sammy friends. My name is Raymond Rasik, and I am visiting her.

Neighbour: Okay, I just thought you were one of these boys who disrespect elders. I remember you. Sammy has been out for three days. She went with a guy your age, and he was driving a blue Mazda 3.

Raymond: (Imagining.) A guy my ages with a blue Mazda 3.

Neighbour: Why don’t you call her?

Raymond: I did call, but her cellphone is off. Thanks a lot granny, bye.

Neighbour: Bye to you my child, and God bless you.

Tell us: Do you think Raymond knows what is happening?