(At Ruddy’s house.)

Sammy: It’s the night vigil of Ray’s uncle tonight, but I’m here with you, love Rud.

Ruddy: (Sounding romantic.) Forget about Ray, I’m here with you. I would have never believed that one day I would be able to look deeply into your charming eyes.

Sammy: (Speaking softly.) Why?

Ruddy: (Speaking softly.) Because I was afraid of saying a word to you and because you are my friend’s girlfriend.

Sammy: Where did you get the bravery to say a word to me?

Ruddy: From my God, but please do me a favour of not including Ray’s name in our conversations. It annoys me to hear his name, especially now that we are together.

Sammy: (Sounding surprised.) But he is your best friend.

Ruddy: Yes, I understand, but I no longer want to talk about him. He is not that important to me, so let’s talk about our relationship.

Sammy: Is there something bad that he did to you? Did he hurt you in some way?

Ruddy: (Speaing with a short temper.) I said shut your big mouth about that moron. You’re boring me.

Sammy: I’m sorry for that my love. I never intend to destroy our happiness. Do you need a glass of brandy?

Ruddy: Yes, please with a ice. Take some stuff to sniff, you feel more happy, and take a glass of brandy.

Tell us: What do you think the stuff that Ruddy gave to Sammy is?