(It is Friday at the stadium. All the athletes are training, but it starts raining with lightining and thunder. They are busy jogging, warming up, jumping, and breathing in and out.)

Delvon: (Speaking to the athletes.) Stop exercising. Today the weather is not good, as everyone can see. I think we should end our training. We have not done anything, and we will go on another day. All of you know very well that, after the next two weeks, there is a big marathon in our province. Listen to me, I don’t wish, I want to be the winner; the champion. I recommend you all go home and be back here tomorrow at 5:30am to practice, is that clear?

(All the athletes agree, except Raymond.)

Raymond: Please sir, I, I …

Delvon: You what, Raymond? No excuses, so get away from me. Go home. It is raining, can’t you see that?

(Ruddy laughs when he realises that the coach is ignoring Raymond’s point of view.)

Ruddy: (Whispering.) Ja! ja! ja! I like that. I do not want to pay Delvon for nothing. (Speaking to Raymond.) Hey! Ray, my man, come inside the car, you are getting wet. Sammy is here too.

Sammy: (Also speaking to Raymond.) Hurry up, my love. Let’s go together.

(Ray enters the car and slams the door.)

Ruddy: I’m sorry, my friend. I can see you are not happy at all about this weather, but there is nothing we can do about it. It is nature, and we cannot control it.

Raymond: I know that very well, but you are wrong.

Ruddy: (Sounding surprised.) Wrong about what?

Raymod: I’m not happy about my coach ignoring my point. You know what, I’m sad.
Ruddy: Sad about what?

Raymond: I’m sad because tomorrow I’m going to attend my uncle’s funeral. He looked after me and raised me after my mother’s horrible death. I’m not going to have a chance to take part in training, which is going to destroy my performance.

Ruddy and Sammy: (Speaking together.) We are so sorry to hear that.

Sammy: But I don’t think taking two days off will destroy your future and your tittle. You are still a champion. No one will take it from you. I trust in you. It is God who gave to you your talent, and your life.

Raymond: (Smiles.) Thank you, my dear love.

Ruddy: (Sounding unhappy.) Sammy is correct Ray. (He increases the speed of the car and the volume of a radio, and everyone is quiet).

Sammy: (Speaking calmly.) Please Rud, decrease the volume, we can’t hear each other talking.

Ruddy: (Soundung angry and jeaulos.) No, Sammy I don’t wan’t to hear both o f you calling each other sweetheart or love near me or in my car.

Sammy: Sorry, we will keep quiet, MR BOSS. You better decrease the speed because the road is slippery.

Ruddy: That’s okay, traffic officer. You know driving better than me? This car is mine, and I never paid a bribe to get my driving licence.You Ray, get out of my car. I will drop you off near your place.

(Without saying a word, Ray gets out of the car and slams the door.)

Tell us: Do you think Ray is going to find out about Sammy and Ruddy dating?