(It is at Selmon stadium. There is a loud sound of supporters watching athletes during their training session.)

Delvon: (Shouting loudly.) Hey! pace up Raymond. Is this boy cheating or is he tired? But he does not show any tiredness. I know him very well, he is a strong man. It is too early for him to get tired. He has more stamina than mother other athletes, but it seems like he has problems. Let me shout at him again. (Shouts again.) Hey! Raymond, what is wrong with you? You do not want to listen to me? I will punished you until you become tired. (Flates to the athletes.) All of them must stop excesising except you Raymond.

Raymond: (Speaking in his heart.) Oh my God, what have I done wrong?

Delvon: (Speaking with anger.) Raymond, come here, and hurry up.

Raymond: (Runs to coach.) I’m here coach.

Delvon: (Speaking angrier.) You silly boy, you think I’m your grandfather? Why are you playing games with me like that?

Raymond: (Sounding surprised.) What game? I don’t understand. What have I done wrong, sir?

Delvon: Do not answer me. Do you think I’m stupid? Look here, boy, this is not the time for your relationships, okay?

Raymond: (Sounding scared.) Yes, sir, but sir …

Delvon: But what, you fool. I told you to increase your pace, instead you are looking at your girlfriend when she calls you.

Raymond: Sir, she was trying to warn me about my pace increasing.

Delvon: (Points a finger at Raymond.) You better keep quiet, and shut up, nonsense. Is Sammy your coach, or am I your coach?

Raymond: You sir, not Sammy.

Delvon: So what? I’m punishing you. Take a run around the stadium for ten rounds, with a high pace, for ten minutes. Now. Without any waste of time.

Raymond: (Running alone.) Why am I being punished like this? Others were told to go home. Let me not get worried, though. I will run until I finish.

Tell us: Do you think it’s fair for the coach to single out Raymond from other athletes?