[The following day Girl 2 is busy making a supper]

Siphokazi: Uyalishaya ibhodwe (you really a good cook). The whole house is still praising you. (walks to the sitting room)

Girl 2: (shouts) Thanks, boss.

Lizzy: Hey, how is everything is going? You good?

Girl 2: I am excited. I can’t wait. The driver is ready?

Lizzy: He is more than ready. It’s been months that he’s wanted to rescue me.

Girl 2: OK, we have to be careful. No girl should be hurt. Only the guards and the mentors.

Lizzy: I am more than ready. Let me give them their food.

[Lizzy gives everyone in the house their food and also gives the security guards at the gate. They all eat and 30 minutes later Siphokazi, the mentors and the security guards start getting stomach cramps]

Siphokazi: (shouts) What did you put in the food?

Xoli: Game over. You are going to rot in jail.

Siphokazi: (in pain) You girls are messing with the wrong person. You think you can do this to me and get away?

[Xoli and Lizzy take all the money Siphokazi saved in the house and go outside to find the guards in pain. They open the gate, letting all the girls used as prostitutes out, and they call the police. Siphokazi is arrested for human trafficking, selling drugs and hijacking. The five girls return to college, Xoli and Lizzy return home]


[Lizzy’s home.]

Sarah: (cries) Oh my child, it is all my fault all this happened to you. I regret the day I asked Siphokazi to look for a job for you in Jozi. I thought she was a good person. I am really sorry you had to go through all this torture.

Lizzy: It’s OK, Mama. God was with me through that awful journey. You won’t believe when I tell you that I have never slept with anyone since I got there. I met this wonderful man, and he saved me. He paid and pretended to be sleeping with me. He never touched me. All we did was talk, talk about his family, my future and how I would escape. We were making a plan to escape from that house.

Sarah: God will never forsake you, my child. I am glad this storm is finally over.

Lizzy: Where is Siphokazi’s mother?

Sarah: Since her daughter got arrested, she has never come out of that house. The things our children do, all they do is shame us. Who would have thought a beautiful young lady could do such horrible things just for money? It is true, money is the root of all evil.

Lizzy: You should have seen how big her house was, holding innocent girls all trapped inside that house of torture and terror.

Sarah: Your uncle offered to help us. He wants you to work at his spaza shop. At least the money will help us survive.

Lizzy: I want to go to college next year, do something with my life. I will apply for a bursary, but for now, I will work at Uncle’s spaza.

[They both smiles with tears running down their cheeks]


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