[Two months later. The girls are chilling and chatting in Lizzy’s room]

Girl 1: I can’t believe it’s been 2 months in this horrible house. Guys, we can’t let this thing continue. We need to fight Siphokazi. This has to stop and the only people who can fight Siphokazi and her crew is us. The 7 of us can do this. Lizzy has gained Siphokazi’s trust. It will be easy to destroy her.

Lizzy: It’s actually not that easy. Immediately, when you walk out of this house, there are cameras all over. Tell me, how will we pass the security guards that are always there 24/7? How will we even make it to the door? There are security guards at the door, not to forget the cameras in the house. We should just accept that we are trapped.

Girl 1: (shocked) There are even cameras in our rooms?

Lizzy: No.

Xoli: True, sad reality is that we are all trapped. We should just forget getting out of this mess.

Girl 2: (smiles) I have an idea.

Xoli: What is it?

Girl 2: And it’s happening tomorrow, we just need someone who will fetch us tomorrow when we are done with the plan.

Xoli: What is it? Guys, I am your mentor. Whatever plans you have, I should be involved so that I can guide you or tell you whether the idea is bad or not. Tell me.

Girl 2: Does anyone know someone who we can trust, who will fetch us tomorrow?

Lizzy: I do, my client will help us, what’s the plan?

[Girl 2 walks out of Lizzy’s room and goes to sitting room where Siphokazi is drinking a wine]

Girl 2: Hello, boss.

Siphokazi: What do you want?

Girl 2: Yazi, I really have to admire you for the wonderful job you do here. It is so unique. I want to start my own business like yours, so I want tips.

Siphokazi: (smiles) You came to the right person, but we will talk about that after 5 years. For now, focus on serving our clients, okay, nana? Now, bye.

Girl 2: I would also like to be a mentor.

Siphokazi: (sips wine) Mmhh, mentor? Didn’t you read your contract carefully? It clearly states you will only become a mentor after 5 years, OK? Say after me, FIVE YEARS.

Girl 2: Five years.

Siphokazi: Good. I have to go now. I am taking my mentors out for doing such an amazing job. Wena, just disappear and find a hobby, play cards, chill with the other bitches like you, sleep, cook and clean. I just don’t care as long as my clients are happy.

Girl 2: Really? I love cooking. At home, I used to do it every day, and my mother says I am a great cook. I just wonder who cooks for her since I am away.

Siphokazi: If you want to cook, just do it, ungasi phekeli inyongo ke sisi. (shouts) Xoli, it’s time to go now. Wena, get out of my face and stop this nonsense of yours, wanting to be a mentor and a business woman. Stick to what you’re good at.

[Girl 2 runs to Lizzy’s room to find Xoli ready to leave and whispers something in Xoli’s ear.]

Girl 2: Guys, you won’t believe this. Siphokazi allowed me to cook. Tonight, I will be cooking my mother’s best recipe.

Girl 1: You must be really bored, selling your body and cooking for the devil at the same time.

Girl 2: I won’t be cooking for the devil only, but the security guards and all the useless and cruel mentors, except for Xoli of course, she is such a sweet heart. Can we now call your client to tell him about our plans?

Lizzy: What plans, because you refuse to tell us? Anyway, I don’t have a cell phone, and our mentor went shopping with the boss.

Girl 2: Shit! But it’s OK, we will wait for her to make a call. I will tell you my plan when Xoli comes back. Now, I am off to cook.


Tell us: What do you think Girl 2’s plan is?