(At restarant there is a girl sitting down scrolling her phone, smiling while she is drinking a juice through paper strow. And a man coming straight to her.)

The man: Hello beautiful (smiling)

Theresa: Hello(she keep on scrolling her phone)

The man: waiting for someone?

Theresa: No!

The man: Hey beautiful I don’t know this place very well, can you come with me and show me where I can find Macdonald here in town.

Theresa: No is not that far, when you get out of this restaurant go straight and don’t turn until you see a filling….. (he stopped her)

The man: shhhhh (he put his finger on his mouth and show her the gun) stand up, put yourself up and smile pretend like we are friends

Theresa: (trembling, dialing her father’s number,it ring for one second the man saw it and drop it immediately, he took away her phone) come on babe let’s go, (they hold each other’s hands)

The man: hurry up, I don’t have all day, little bitch, (he open the door of a car) get in

Theresa: please leave me alone, please (crying while getting inside the car the man drove off)

(It is 8pm a man is busy watching a soccer match, he received a call)

Mr Ben: (he picked up the call) Hello who is this

The man: I told you that I will come after you, I’m the boss now

Ben: (terrified) whoa who is this now, what happened?

The man: You stupid Judge, Mr so called justice, find justice for your daughter too

Ben: (he scream) Noooo man not my only daughter Theresa, I love my daughter, please what do you want me to do

The man: Find justice for your daughter, at Avkhom hotel room no.66,

Theresa: Daddy help me (shouting)

The man: I will kill…. (he hang up, that’s where Mr Ben realised that he missed a call for his daughter, he leaves a sitting room in hurry)

(room no 66 Avkhom hotel, Theresa tied on chair and two muscular man with knives,gun and e. T. C)

The man: (putting cloth in Theresa’s moth) hurry up take the clip when I’m cutting her finger

Man 2: The clip is on cut her, we are running out of time here,

The man🙁He took a scissor and cut Theresa’s middle finger, and put it in a box)

The man 2: done, take the girl, let’s move out of here now, we will finish her off in our room

The man: He write down a pamphlet saying, it’s over, (The carry the girl and leave in hurry, with a box left hanging there)

(Immediately after five minutes Mr Ben was enterering room no. 66,he was looking around and he receive a call)

Mr Ben: (He picks a call) Hello

The man: I have a gift for you on the box, open it (he hang up)

Mr Ben: (when he opened up a box, he saw his daughter’s finger he panicked and immediately he touched it, he heard the voices on the door )

Police man: (entering the room) you are under arrest of…..

Ben: (trembling reading the pamphlet ) please I’m fra…

Police man 2: (hand cuffing him) you have the right to remain silent, whatever you say here will be used as witness in coart.