[After a long period of time, Desiree had a baby boy and named him after John’s father. John told his mom, but Desiree’s family wanted nothing to do with John and his poor family. University united the forbidden couple. It was on the 14th February when they met for the first time at varsity. They were shocked to see each other and Desiree still had anger issues. She saw John in class, but she was not sure if it was him.]

Desiree: So it was you I saw in class?

John: So, you are also studying Law? Why didn’t I see you?

Desiree: I’m studying Admin.

John: Admin! Why are you attending Law classes? Or I am attending the wrong classes?

Desiree: Cut the act! We are in same classes every day.

John: I missed you.

Desiree: You left me when I needed you most.

John: I had to go. I would have slept in the bush for my whole life if I hadn’t left when I did.

Desiree: I named our boy after your father. I thought you should know.

John: Can I see him please?

Desiree: Not a chance. He is not having any step-mom.

John: Step-mom? You are the one for me.

Desiree: I was, not anymore. See you around.

John: Give me your new number please?

Desiree: 076509 think about the rest… (Going to her room)

John: Plea…?

[Desiree sent an SMS that night to John. She admitted that she still loved him but the problem was her family. On the second SMS, she invited John to her room. He sent an SMS back to her saying he was busy and couldn’t make it to her room and Desiree was offended. After five minutes, she heard a knock on her door.]

Desiree: It is you!

John: Yes, it is me, dear.

Desiree: Do you love me?

John: I soul your heart.

Desiree: Huh?

John: I love you.

Desiree: Our families are at war.

John: I know that, but we are not.

Desiree: It all began because of us.

John: Because of me, you mean.

Desiree: Stop making everything all about you!

John: Sorry!

Desiree: Our baby will be a year old soon and we need to be good parents.

John: Let’s not drop each other on the way. Our boy should be our pride.

Desiree: I want us to get married, and I mean this year.

John: And our parents?

Desiree: You’ve got to act like a man. This is for us and our baby, not our parents.

John: Let’s do it next week. We can study together afterwards.

Desiree: What if you get to be against me in court?

John: I will just kiss you and win the case.

Desiree: (laughing) No, I should win it. I’m you, Babe, I should win everything against you.

John: (laughing too) No ways, that’s not fair.

Desiree: I am glad that we are together again.

John: We were never separated. It was just distance.

[A year went by. Desiree and John got married without the consent of their parents. Desiree was officially John’s wife and her ID-book proved it. They kept it a secret until an incident occurred at the hostel in their final year. It was during the final exams that the tragedy took place.]

(Abram, inviting John and Desiree to his place)

Abram: Hey guys!

John: Holla boy. What’s up?

Abram: I’m good but I’ve got to talk to you. Can you make it to my room at eight tonight?

Desiree: We will be there.

John: You’ve got the answer.

Abram: Thanks. I owe you guys.

(Abram wanted advice about his new relationship. Carey was one of Abram’s girls. He was caught cheating three times in two weeks and this made his girls very angry. Carey was used to having power over everything, and she was from a rich family, so she ended up hiring thugs.)

Carey: I need you to take care of something for me.

Thug: What can I help you with? And this one is gonna cost so much. You are not little anymore.

Carey: I want you to teach my boyfriend a lesson.

Thug: Like killing him?

Carey: If it leads to that you can do it. He has to pay for playing me.

Thug: Get me ten thousand Rand by the end of today and the job will be done this evening.

Carey: I’ve got five thousand now. I will give you another five thousand tomorrow.

Thug: Okay, just don’t go to his room tonight. We might find his little girls there.
Carey: Don’t get caught.

(At 7:30 that evening, Desiree and John made it to Abram’s room early. The thugs planned to attack at 7:45. If they had known, they wouldn’t have thought of being before time.)

Abram: Oh, you came?

Desiree: It is as if you were testing us.

Abram: I meant before time.

John: We could come back later if we are disturbing you.

Abram: Chill boy. Sit down guys.

Desiree: I have to take the bed. The chair is for you, Babe.

John: Who said I mind?

Desiree: What up with the mood?

Abram: He is just playing around. (John standing up) Where are you off to boy? Can’t you take a joke anymore?

John: I’m going to the bathroom and I want to buy something to drink. Babes, I will be back soon.

(Three minutes later, two thugs entered the room.)

Abram: Who are you guys?

Thug1: Shut up!

Thug2: Nice girl. She looks as if she has seen a ghost.

Abram: Get out of my room now!

Thug1pulling out a gun: Or what?

Desiree: Please don’t kill us.

Thug2: What are you doing with this cheater?

Desiree: He is my friend.

Thug2: This means he won’t mind if I play with your body, right?

Thug1: We are not here to rape you. We are here for this cheater.

Abram: Please take anything. Laptop, money, cellphone… just don’t kill us.
Desiree: Please! You can take mine too.

(Desiree found a chance to escape, but things went wrong. She pushed Thug2 out of the way and tried to run, but Thug1 shot her. Abram was also shot at that moment.)


Tell us: Oh No! Do you think John is going to get blamed for this?