[John proposing to Desiree.]

John: Hey, Dezz. I think we should come to terms and reach agreement about our lives.

Desiree: Hmm? What are you on about?

John: Babe, I love you. I want us to be together.

Desiree: I thought we are friends. And not just friends but best friends. What changed here?

John: I love you. I can see you love me too.

Desiree: Yes, I love you so much. You are my friend.

John: We have known each other for a long time now. Let’s go with the dating part.

Desiree: Oh, it is true what they say.

John: What do you mean?

Desiree: A boy who has a girl as his friend is like him having a chicken as a pet.

John: The moral behind it?

Desiree: He will end up eating it!

John: Can you please try to understand me? You want a complete stranger to win your heart? Can you trust them better than me?

Desiree: Sorry, I’ve got to go. My taxi is here…See you on Monday.


[Abram was waiting at the corner for John.]

Abram: How did it go?

John: (lying to Abram) She said she will think about it.

Abram: Ah, then you let her go just like that?

John: I had to man. I can’t push her.

Abram: Someone is a coward.

John: (laughing) As if you could do better!

Abram: Check my list boy. It goes this way: Beverly, Jane, Shantell, Mercy… and it goes on.

John: I just need one. And my advice is get tested soon, boy.

Abram: (laughing) I’m the playa, boy. Stop with that testing nonsense. I’m going for your sister soon!

John: (missing Abram with a klap) She is not your type.

Abram: Who is her type? Just because I’m from a poor background? Come on, dude!

John: She is at varsity, boy. There are lot of boys there. Stop being so ridiculous.

Abram: Okay, I’m home, boy. See you later.

John: No man. Mercy is coming up the street. She is coming for you.

Abram: Let her come over. She resists so bad. At least I am home alone.

John: You mean you haven’t yet?

Abram: Yes, dude. Just go.

John: We will talk.


[John moved fast and Mercy was surprised, but they greeted each other. She made herself at home over at Abram’s place.

Mercy: Babe… Babe!

Abram: Hey sweetness.

Mercy: How are you? I didn’t see you at school. Are you hiding from me?

Abram: Oh babes, I had lot of work to do.

Mercy: I had no money and you were nowhere to be found.

Abram: Sorry love. You should have sent me a text.

Mercy: Someone just opened the gate… I thought your parents would be back tomorrow?

Abram: Ah, don’t worry. It might be John.

[Beverly was knocking on the door. They avoided the knocking, thinking it was John.]

Abram: Who is it?

Beverly: Babe, you said I should come today remember?

(Abram remembers that he has two dates, one in the day and another at night.)

John: Bev, is that you my friend?

Mercy: Are you cheating on me?

Abram: Shhh, no, she is just my friend. Stay here. I will be back.

(Beverly forces herself into the house.)

Beverly: (surprised) What is this thing doing here?

Mercy: Who do you call a thing?

Beverly: Ain’t you a thing? No wonder boys love you. Abram tell me, why did you get this thing? Are you desperate?

(Abram is shocked and out of words, he stands there like a ghost.

Abram: I… Eix! Sorry…

(Mercy picks up her clothes and moves out.)

Mercy: I am glad we didn’t do it!

(Abram tried to stop her.)

Beverly: Let her go Babes. You’ve got me. I need money for airtime, please.

Abram: Oh, here you go.


: Do you know a player like Abram? Do you think it’s respectful to women?