(Nomazwe Sihlahla and Nomasakhe Ziqhamo are relaxing at Nomasakhe’s home on Saturday morning.)

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I am stressing, my friend.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Why you are stressing, my friend?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: It is because I hear rumours that Pastor Mthetho might get parole and be free from the jail. A lot of people told me that there are rumours from the Beauty Hillock police station that the police think that Mr. Dalisidima Mbombo used me to trap Pastor Mthetho by letting him sleep with me and lying to the polices that he raped me.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: How can the police think something like that about you?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I think the police investigated Mr. Dalisidima and Lindani separately. The police might see that they are giving different information about their tavern. The police chose to trace all the crime and death back to Dalisidima Tavern.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Why were Mr. Dalisidma Mbombo and Lindani arrested?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: The two were arrested for selling alcohol to children under the age of eighteen and not closing after twelve oclock midnight.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: I wonder how the police traced the trap that was made to destroy Pastor Mthetho.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: The police might have traced the trap because Mr. Dalisidima and Lindani told the court that after they faced tough competition from the competitors of their business, they decided to do some promotion and marketing by handing out beers to their customers who wear all white.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Do you think the police might have asked Lindani who their competitors were and that Lindani mentioned Pastor Mthetho who used to preach near their tavern and take people’s attention away from their taverns.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Yes, it might be like that. I want to make sure that I stay away from the Mbombo Family because they let me betray Pastor Mthetho who wanted to open doors for me in the music industry.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: The Mbombo Family only used us to make the tavern full and destroy the people who attracted a lot of crowds. I lost my boyfriend because of the tavern. I will never go near the tavern again.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I will never forget that night, my friend. During that night, after Sinephupha’s body went to the mortuary, all the men of Beauty Hillock went to Cape King and killed Sithethise and cut his head in front of his mother.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: People started calling me whore because my two boyfriends that were killed in one night were fighting over me.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: We must change, although it will take time for people to trust us again after all these tragedies that happened involving us.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Yes, you are right, my friend. It will take time for us to be trusted again. Maybe we must be involved in community activities again.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: We must just take one step at a time, and we will be fine again.

(The two friends hug each other, while the drops of their tears fall from their eyes.)


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