(Detective Rooi M oos and two policemen have come to investigate Lindani Mbombo and Dalisidima Mbombo after the death of Sinephupha Ngxamile at Dalisidima Tavern.)

Detective Rooi M oos: Good morning, Mr. Dalisidima Mbombo.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Good morning, Detective Moos.

Detective Rooi M oos: How are you, sir?.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I am fine, and how are you, sir?

Detective Rooi M oos: I am also fine, sir. We came here to do an investigation about the way you run your tavern.

Dalisidima Mbombo: It’s fine, sir, please do your investigation.

Detective Rooi Moos: Do you have a licence to sell alcohol?

Dalisidima Mbombo: Yes, sir, I do have the licence to sell alcohol.

Detective Rooi M oos: Can you show me your licence?

(Dalisidima Mbombo goes to his cupboard and takes out his liquor licence.)

Dalisidima Mbombo: This is my tavern’s licence.

Detective Rooi M oos: Do you understand all the rules that come with the licence?

Dalisidima Mbombo: Yes, sir, I do understand all the rules in my tavern’s licence.

Detective Rooi Moos: According to the rules, you did break some of the rules in your licence.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I don’t know which rules that I broke.

Detective Rooi M oos: You are found guilty of selling alcohol to children who are less than eighteen years old.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Modern children grow very fast and gain a lot of weight. I didn’t know that the children at my tavern were still less than eighteen years old.

Detective Rooi M oos:Dalisidima Mbombo: I remember when he invited young people to my tavern, but I didn’t know that the youths he invited were less than eighteen years old.

Detective Rooi M oos: Actually, he invited young children to your tavern. He even told them that they must wear all white from Friday until Sunday at the tavern. He told the young girls who wear all white he will reward them with two cans of Castle Light.

Dalisidima Mbombo: My son, Lindani, was trying to do promotions and marketing.

Detective Rooi M oos: Your son used the young girls so that your tavern could attract many men who are desperate for love.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I didn’t think that way.

Detective Rooi M oos: Sinephupha’s mother told us that ever since your son Lindani gave Sinephupha’s girlfriend, Nomasakhe, a job at the tavern, Sinephupha Ngxamile started attending the tavern regularly.

Dalisidima Mbombo:Detective Rooi M oos: Sinephupha Ngxamile, who died at your tavern, was seventeen years old, while his girlfriend, that you gave a job, is sixteen. Mr. Dalisidima Mbombo, we are taking your licence because you sold alcohol to people who are less than eighteen years old. The second reason that we are taking your licence is for not closing at the right time. Your tavern was supposed to close at twelve, but yesterday you opened it up until half past two in the morning.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I am really sorry, Detective. Things like that will never happen at my tavern again.

Detective Rooi M oos: Mr. Dalisidima Mbombo, you and your son will spend almost a year in jail for selling alcohol in a wrong manner. We will tell you when the two of you will appear in court. The two gentlemen will take the two of you to the van. After thirty minutes we will send three trucks to come and take all the alcohol inside this tavern.

(The policemen take Dalisidima and Lindani to the van.)


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