(Sinephupha Ngxamile is enjoying leisure time with his two friends Bonani Vutha and Similo Ntaba. The three are at Sinephupha’s room on Monday evening.)

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Guys, I don’t deserve what I am getting from my childhood sweetheart.

Bonani Vutha: What did she do to make you cry?

Sinephupha Ngxamile: There are rumours that she is cheating on me. Different people told me that she is also dating Sithethise Bulula from Cape King.

Bonani Vutha: What did she say when you asked her about the rumours that she is dating Sithethise behind your back?

Sinephupha Bulula: She denied it to me that she is dating Sithethise. She even told me that she doesn’t know Sithethise.

Similo Ntaba: Sinephupha, we grew up together attending church and playing keyboards at church, but now I realize that you are drunk every weekend.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I won’t lie to you guys that when I was a young boy I used to hate to even stand near the tavern, but ever since Nomasakhe became Nomazwe’s DJ assistant at Dalisidima Tavern I’ve started enjoying going to the tavern every weekend.

Similo Ntaba: Why do you do that to yourself?

Sinephupha Ngxamile: It is because I am scared to lose my girlfriend to the people who like to win other people’s girlfriends for one night stands during the night. I choose to be at the tavern just to look after her so that nobody can seek love from her.

Similo Ntaba: Why don’t you tell your girlfriend that she must quit the DJ assistant job and focus more on your relationship by spending your leisure time together?

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I tried to tell her that she must quit her job as the DJ assistant. She told me that Lindani is paying them very well, and she also has some financial issues that need money.

Bonani Ntaba: It’s going to be difficult to convince Nomasakhe to lose her job while you don’t have money to support her.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: My mother told me that I must leave Nomasakhe and find another girl who will respect me and not drag me into taverns. She told me straight that Nomasakhe is destroying my life.

Bonani Ntaba: What did you say to your mother?

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I told her that I will make sure that soon I get a part-time job and tell Nomasakhe to quit her DJ assistant job and focus on our relationship.

Bonani Ntaba: Your mother can see that you are starting to be addicted to alcohol.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Nomasakhe is a very beautiful girl. It will be difficult for me to just give up on her and date other girl. She’s got the quality and potential of being a great wife.

Bonani Ntaba: I wish she would quit her job of working at the tavern the whole day and night during the weekends so that you can also quit dancing at the tavern the day and night during the weekends.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: The reason I stay at Dalisidima the whole day and night is because I want to make sure that I watch her all the time, so that the guys who want to spoil her with luxury stuff and sleep with her don’t get the chance.

Bonani Ntaba: Similo, it’s unfair to get involved in other people’s relationships while we are still single.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Guys, don’t worry my love life with Nomasakhe. We will go back to normal as soon I get part time job.


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