(Nomasakhe Ziqhamo meets Sithethise Bulula at the tavern at around twelve o’clock midnight, while Sinephupha Ngxamile, who is Nomasakhe boyfriend, was absent from the tavern during this Friday night.)

Sithethise Bulula: Why, baby, are you standing alone on the balcony?.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: It is because I am very tired. I just want to go home.

Sithethise Bulula: Why you don’t go home and sleep?

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: We are waiting for Lindani to come from town so that he can deliver us to our different homes in his car. Every night after twelve he has to take us to our different homes door by door.

Sithethise Bulula: Nomasakhe, ever since I saw you I wanted to tell you that I love you.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: You can’t just tell me that you love me without even introducing yourself to me.

Sithethise Bulula: Hi, Nomasakhe, my name is Sithethise Bulula. I am living at Cape King township. I am working as the marketing manager for Cape King McDonald.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Why? You don’t look serious or formal.

Sithethise Bulula: It is because I don’t need to boast about my job at the tavern.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: I can see that you are very mature person.

Sithethise Bulula: Thank you for your compliment, but I only came to tell you that I love you.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: I won’t lie to you that I love you, but I have somebody in my life.

Sithethise Bulula: It’s fine. We can keep our relationship a secret and see each other when you are free.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: I want you to understand that when my boyfriend is around don’t touch me or call me.

Sithethise Bulula: It’s fine. I understand, but I will invest more on you than your boyfriend, like taking you to different malls, playing parks and the ocean. After all my investment and contribution to your life then you will decide whether you choose me or your boyfriend.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Don’t rush. You must give me time to think about my future. When I am ready to choose I will tell you.

Sithethise Bulula: Baby, I have my own car. There is no need for you to wait for Lindani. Let’s go home to my place at Cape King. I will wake you up with a nice breakfast.

(Sithethise starts kissing Nomasakhe.)

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Why don’t you drop me at my home?

Sithethise Bulula: It is because after breakfast I want us to go to the Cape King mall so you can choose the clothes that you want.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: It’s fine. We can go to your place.

Sithethise Bulula: Let’s quickly go to my car.

(The two go down from the Dalisidima Tavern balcony and to Sithethise’s car.)


Tell us: Do you think Sinephupha will find out?