(Sinephupha Ngxamile is eating dinner with his mother Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile at Beauty Hillock on Sunday evening after Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile was at church during the day, while her son was dancing at Dalisidima Tavern the whole day.)

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: I am very worried about you, my son.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Why you are worried about me?

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: It is because you are changing from hero to zero.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: I am talking about the way you drink alcohol and the way you spend more time at that tavern. I didn’t raise you that way.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: My girlfriend is the DJ assistant at Dalisidima Tavern during the weekends. I spend more time at the tavern looking after her and helping her with music equipment.

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: You are doing first year accounting at the Beauty Hillock Business College. You grew up playing keyboard at church.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I still like playing keyboard.

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: I know that you are disappointed with what you heard about Pastor Mthetho. We never knew that he could rape a young child like Nomazwe.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I was disappointed with what I heard about the Pastor of the Church, but I go to Dalisidima Tavern to support my girlfriend. People are creating bad stories about her that she is sleeping with other men when I am not at the tavern.

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: Why don’t you stop her going to the tavern?

Sinephupha Ngxamile: I did try to stop her, but she told me that Lindani Mbombo is paying them good money for playing music at Dalisidima Tavern.

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: I wish you would get a new girlfriend who would respect you and give you good advice about life.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Please mom, don’t be jealous. Nobody can replace Nomasakhe in my life. The moment I get a job I will tell her to stop working at Dalisidima Tavern.

Nosikhumbuzo Ngxamile: I must keep quiet when you are telling me that I am jealous of you and your girlfriend. When you get a problem at the tavern don’t cry to me.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Mom, please, let’s change the topic and talk about something else.


Tell us: Would have listened to your mom if you were in this situation?