(Dalisidima Mbombo is in his room with his son, Lindani Mbombo. The two have come to discuss about Dalisidima Tavern’s sudden success and the excelling of entertainers at their tavern.)

Dalisidima Mbombo: My son, I want to tell you that I am very proud of you. The way you are so dedicated to this tavern makes me very happy. I can see that you were not just adding numbers at business studies classes. You understand both the theory and practical sides of business studies.

Lindani Mbombo: The reason for our sudden success is that I did research about who were our competitors. The second thing was to research about strengths and weaknesses of our competitors.

Dalisidima Mbombo: When we made small sales, I was planning to close my tavern.

Lindani Mbombo: I was very shocked when you told us that you wanted to close your tavern because of small profits that you made for six consecutive months.

Dalisidima Mbombo: It was a tough decision for me to make. That is why I called every family member when I was going to officially announce that I was closing down my business.

Lindani Mbombo: Dad, I want to tell you that Pastor Mthetho used to have a negative impact on our tavern. Every time he preached at his church, the people from our tavern came out of the tavern and listened to him carefully when he was preaching. After they listened to him, they never bought alcohol again.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Lindani, you notice things that I never notice.

Lindani Mbombo: The beautiful girls who used to sing at Pastor Mthetho’s church attracted a lot of good men to Heaven Road Church, especially our regular customers who buy expensive alcohol. When those ladies were singing, all the men came out of tavern and listened to those girls at Pastor Mthetho’s church.

Dalisidima Mbombo: You are opening my eyes again.

Lindani Mbombo: I took Nomazwe Sihlahla, who has a nice voice for music, from that church choir and paid her money so that she could be our musician and DJ. After that, all the youth from the church started joining us at our tavern. The men who use to run out of our tavern straight to Pastor Mthetho’s church are no longer interested in listening to Pastor Mthetho when he preaches because all the beautiful girls at his church chose to join us at our tavern. The only people that attend church are old and sick people with no energy.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I am very happy to see people with expensive cars come to my tavern from different places around Cape Town.

Lindani Mbombo: People come from different places to enjoy our alcohol and meet the fresh faces of Beauty Hillock. We must make sure that we invest in young girls by keeping them happy and buying them beers because, most of the time, they are the ones who are attracting big customers.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Thank you, my son.

Lindani Mbombo: Pastor Mthetho is sentenced to fifteen years for raping Nomazwe. I was very surprised to see his wife at our tavern.

Dalisidima Mbombo: What about Pastor Mthetho’s church while he is still in jail?

Lindani Mbombo: The church members were disappointed by Pastor Mthetho for raping Nomazwe Sihlahla. All the church members of his church quit his church. Nobody will trust him when he comes back from jail.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I am glad that Pastor Mthetho will never be trusted again when he comes back from jail, because it is clear that every time he preached at his church he took our customers away both physically and psychologically. After they listen to his testimony about God, our customers didn’t buy alcohol for the whole weekend.

Lindani Mbombo: Pastor Mthetho almost forced us to close our tavern due to the decrease of our sales and less profit.

Dalisidima Mbombo: You must increase Nomazwe’s salary because she took a big risk by sleeping with Pastor Mthetho and lying to the police by telling the policemen that Pastor Mthetho raped her.

Lindani Mbombo: I will make sure that Nomazwe’s salary goes up because she played a big role in getting rid of that boring idiot.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Son, you know how to destroy our enemies. Let’s work together and make sure that this tavern goes forward and never goes backwards again.

Lindani Mbombo: I will make sure that this tavern attracts more people and makes a lot of profit.


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