(Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho is having a meeting with the youth of his church (Heaven Road) at his house on Wednesday evening.)

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: Good evening to everyone that sacrificed their time and energy and came to this meeting.

(All the youth stand up and nod their heads.)

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: We are living in the time of the end of generosity, love and peace. Satan is blindfolding people to leave the church and go to the wrong places. Can one person tell me what is happening to the youth of the Heaven Road Church?

Mqapheli Mthinjwa: Pastor Mthetho, I stand on behalf of the youth of Heaven Road Church. I want to tell you that the youth of the church are more dedicated to God and the church than ever before.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I disagree with you, Mqapheli, when you tell me that the youth of this church are dedicated to God. According to what I see and hear, the youth of the church are no longer dedicated to God anymore. I did get a report that the youth of the church were drinking alcohol at Dalisidima Tavern.

Zinike Magxa: Pastor, there is nothing like that. The youth of this church don’t drink alcohol.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I want to tell you guys that in everything that you do in your life God is always looking at you. I also did hear that Nomazwe Sihlahla is Dalisidima Tavern’s singer and DJ.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Pastor, it is true that I am Dalisidima Tavern’s singer and DJ. I took the job because Lindani gave me good money for singing and playing music at his father’s tavern. I am having financial problems at my home, and it became difficult for me to refuse that kind of money.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: You should have told me about your financial problems so that I could make a plan.

Mqapheli Mthinjwa: Pastor, you told me and the other youths the first time we joined the church that the church doesn’t have money to pay anyone.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I want us to change the topic. God will help us on different weaknesses we have in our lives and make us perfect for his church and for the work of preaching his power.


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