(Nomazwe Sihlahla arrives at Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho’s house on Wednesday at eight o’clock in the evening.)

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Hello, Pastor Mthetho.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: Hello, Nomazwe.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: How are you, Pastor Mthetho?

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I am fine, and you?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I am also fine.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: That’s good. Where is Nomasakhe?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: She just sent me a message telling me that she’s got a big problem, and she won’t be coming to the meeting.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: That’s bad news because she is our secretary. The last time we held a meeting, I told her that she must write letters to businesses around Beauty Hillock and ask for sponsorships and donations for the different youth programmes.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: It’s fine. I will tell her that she must write the letters and give you the letters so that you put the church stamp on them and sent them to businesses around Beauty Hillock.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: Nomazwe, before we can go to the issues of the youth of this church, I was really disappointed to hear that you are singing and playing house music at Dalisidima Tavern.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I was desperate for money, and Mr. Dalisidima’s son gave me an offer of playing house music from Friday until Sunday. He pays me two thousand rands for three days. The money was too much to be refused.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: What about the reputation of your church and your dignity as the saved person.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: The moment I solve all my financial issues I will terminate my contract.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I am glad that you are willing to change.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Can I ask you a question?

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: Yes, you can ask me the question.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Do you miss your wife?

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: Yes, I do miss her. Why do you ask me that question?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: The thing is, if I was in your shoes, especially during a stressing time in my life, I would miss my soul mate.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I miss her a lot.

(Nomazwe Sihlahla pulls up her tight dress. Pastor Mthetho looks at Nomazwe Sihlahla cute body until he kisses her.)

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I’m all yours.

(The two undress each other, while also kissing each other. Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho takes Nomazwe Sihlahla to his bed.)

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I never knew that your beauty could even attract a leader like me.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: We didn’t plan that we were going to have sex. It’s fine, as long as nobody notices that this night we had sex.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I will drop you at your house by five o’clock in the morning.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: I will lie to my parents and tell them that I slept at Nomasakhe Ziqhamo’s home.

Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho: I never knew that tonight you were going to bring a lot of happiness to my life.


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