(Nomazwe Sihlahla is official announced as the DJ and musician of Dalididima tavern by Lindani Mbombo and other Beauty Hillock township personalities.)

Lindani Mbombo: Hello everybody who came to this occasion as we announce one of the most talented female artists in Beauty Hillock, Nomazwe Sihlahla.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Lindani, I want to say hello on behalf of the crowd.

Lindani Mbombo: I want to tell everybody that they must enjoy themselves. I also want to say thank you to all the girls who came here wearing all white. The deal is still on, every girl who wears all white at this tavern will get one beer for free, but next time only the first fifty women who are at tavern from five until twelve will get one beer for free.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: You are very sweet, Lindani. You are trying very hard to make your customers very happy.

Lindani Mbombo: Guys, the people who are running this tavern are very sweet, but there are also some rules that must be followed. Nobody is allowed to buy alcohol from another tavern and come with that alcohol and drink it at our tavern. The second rule is that the girls who receive free beers at our tavern must at least spend two hours at our tavern before they can go home or to another tavern.

Sinephupha Ngxamile: Lindani, you are a smart boy.

Lindani Mbombo: Now I will give a chance to Nomazwe Sihlahla to introduce herself by playing some songs for us while also singing for us.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Thank you, Lindani. Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Nomazwe Sihlahla. I am from this township, and I love music. From now on I will be your DJ every weekend. I will try to entertain you guys with interesting music. I also want to say thank you to Lindani for giving me this chance to grow as a musician.

(The crowd clap their hands.)

Lindani Mbombo: Thank you Nomazwe. Guys, we have every beer, champagne, wine and brandy, please enjoy yourselves. We also have a nice restaurant that offers braai meat and bread. Nomazwe, the stage is yours.

(Nomazwe starts to play music, and everyone at the tavern starts dancing.)


Tell us: Is it right for Nomazwe to accept Lindani’s offer knowing that she is saved?