(Lindani Mbombo is relaxing with Nomazwe Sihlahla and Nomasakhe Ziqhamo at his room.)

Lindani Mbombo: Hello beautiful angels.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Hello Lindani.

Lindani Mbombo: How are you beautiful angels?

Nomazwe Sihlahla: We are fine and you?

Lindani Mbombo: I am also fine. I think both of you are very surprised to be invited by me.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: We were surprised to be invited by you, but we chose to be humble and come to your home.

Lindani Mbombo: I think you feel very embarrassed to come to the tavern because you are saved and sing gospel.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: We are saved, but we don’t worry about the way people think about us. We told ourselves that we want to come to you when you call us so that we can hear what you want to tell us.

Lindani Mbombo: Nomazwe you always surprise me. Your music career started at primary school, and you are still excelling in music in high school. Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho is lying when he said that he’s grooming you.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: He gave me the platform to sing at big church conferences.

Lindani Mbombo: I know that he is using you to attract many people to his church.

(Nomasakhe Ziqhamo nods her head)

Lindani Mbombo: Pastor Mthetho saw that you have a beautiful body. You attract every man when you are singing. Pastor Mthetho is making money off you. I want you to come and DJ house music for us at our tavern every fortnight from Friday until Sunday. We are going to pay you one thousand rand from four o’clock in the afternoon until midnight. Nomasakhe will also get money for assisting you.

Nomasakhe Ziqhamo: Nomazwe, I think you must take Lindani’s offer because he will pay you very well.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: Lindani, we really need money at home. I will take your job.

Lindani Mbombo: Next week we are going to announce you as the DJ of Dalisidima Tavern and Dalisidima Tavern’s musician. I will invite all the young girls of the township to come and witness your music. I will do everything to make your music career successful.

Nomazwe Sihlahla: You have a very good heart Lindani.

Lindani Mbombo: I want to help you and make differences to your life and your music career.


Tell us: Do you think Nomazwe was right to take the job?