(Dalisidima Mbombo and Nomasingcambaze Mbombo are at their house to disclose some information regarding their tavern. This day is the day where the Mbombo family meet together regarding the closing of Dalisidima’s tavern. Everything takes place at Beauty Hillock in Cape Town.)

Dalisidima Mbombo: I am glad that all of you have come to the meeting this evening.

(All the people nod their heads.)

Ncekelela Zabunjwa: I want to say thanks to you, cousin, for calling us and making us feel important as part of your family and as part of your tavern. We came to this meeting because we admire and love your leadership skills. Every time you talk to us we are learning something new, and we are improving our customer service skills.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Thank you, Ncekelela, for a such nice words. I am speechless. I came to this meeting with news that will not make this family happy.

Lindani Mbombo: Its fine, father. You can talk to us straight.

Dalisidima Mbombo: The news that I bring to you this evening is that my tavern is going to close down soon.

(Everyone in the house is shocked and puts their hands on top of their heads.)

Ncekelela Zabunjwa: My cousin, ever since you came to the city of Cape Town, you never worked for a white person. You started your tavern twenty-five years ago, and you built a dream home at the Eastern Cape by the profit that you made from your tavern. Please don’t close your tavern.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Yes, I opened my tavern twenty-five years ago. During that time there were few taverns at Beauty Hillock. Now, I face tough competition from other taverns. Ever since this country became a democratic country it lets a lot of aspiring black entrepreneurs start their own businesses. It became tough for me to deal with modern business trends and modern marketing skills.

Sizombonga Zabunjwa: I didn’t notice that we had lost many customers because during the weekends the tavern is always full.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I also never noticed that my tavern was going down, but I saw that it was going down on the small profit that we make.

Sizombonga Zabunjwa: There is another thing that is destroying our tavern. People are buying alcohol from other taverns that don’t have nice accommodations and come and drink that alcohol at our tavern.

Ncekelela Zabunjwa: I think we must start to have serious rules, like that nobody is allowed to buy beers from other taverns and drink them at our tavern.

Sizombonga Zabunjwa: Ncekelela, you are coming with a good point. We must not accept that at all.

Lindani Mbombo: I have a grade twelve business book that I used two years ago when I was doing grade twelve. The book gives every entrepreneur good business skills, especially entrepreneurs who knows how to analyse context.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I’ve run my business for the past twenty years using my own knowledge and skills. My business was successful for many years, although I didn’t finish standard seven.

Lindani Mbombo: Dad, the book focuses on interesting things like business location, business marketing and business competition. I think if I can do research on those topics about our tavern we can quickly see what made our business lose sales and customers.

Dalisidima Mbombo: I do have an idea and picture of what you are telling us, but I wish you could explain more clearly.

Lindani Mbombo: Our business is in the right place because it is at the centre of the township. Our place is very clean and attractive. I think in terms of competitors we don’t analyse all our competitors.

Dalidima Mbombo: Can you explain to me what you mean when you say that we don’t analyse all our competitors.

Lindani Mbombo: Everyone at this house is stressing about when the new tavern is opened at Beauty Hillock township.

Dalisidimsa Mbombo: Yes, we are all stressing at this house about when the new tavern is opened at Beauty Hillock because we know that we are going to lose a certain number of customers to the new tavern.

Lindani Mbombo: I noticed that our business went down the moment Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho hired the community hall that is near our tavern. He made things worse for our business by preaching on a street that is less than twenty meters away from our tavern.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Now you are lighting up my mind.

Lindani Mbombo: Pastor Mlungisi Mthetho is opening doors for gospel aspiring singers. I notice that when he puts speakers and pianos on the street, people come out of the tavern and go to listen to him. The worst thing is that people, when they listen to Pastor Mthetho, even forget about beer.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Lindani, you are right. Ever since Pastor Mthetho started preaching near our tavern, the tavern sales have gone down. I also heard that he wants to help Nomazwe Sihlahla record her first album.

Lindani Mbombo: During weekends I want to invite Nomazwe Sihlahla to sing kwaito and house music at our tavern. I will pay her out of my pocket. Nomazwe’s music attracts people from the tavern to Pastor Mthetho church. Nomazwe is the one who entertains people at that church.

Dalisidima Mbombo: Lindani I’m starting to respect your ideas. We must make a plan to destroy Pastor Mthetho’s image at this township before he steals all our customers for ever.

(Everyone nods their head)

Lindani Mbombo: I will draft everything down and after a month we must have a meeting to evaluate our results.

Tell us: What do you think of Lindani’s plan?