[Lebo is cleaning the toilets and she is thinking out loud]

Lebo: Damn I cried for that stupid teacher, no one messes with me and gets away with it. No, Prince loves me that I know. This girl put a spell on him yeah that could be the case. My mother is serving thirteen years in prison for the murder of my father, I would not mind to join her as long as that bitch is away from my man.

[Mellisa, Karabo and Ntombi walk into the girl’s bathroom]

Lebo: (angry) I told you not to tell anyone but you chose to betray me.

Mellisa: Sorry I didn’t mean to.

Ntombi: What happened to forgive and forget.

Lebo: Get your nose out of this.

Mellisa: Why did you lie? And for your information, I am not dating Prince, so chill.

[Lebo’s eyes are now red she is so angry. She bends down and takes out a knife in her socks]

Mellisa: No! What are you doing?

Karabo: Please my friend put the knife down… please you don’t want to go to jail right?

Mellisa: I will leave him I will leave your man struu…

Lebo: (shouts) You should have done that all along but you chose to mess with me.

[Lebo did no listen, she stabbed Mellisa on the stomach once. Karabo and Ntombi went out screaming]


[Karabo and Ntombi are sitting in the classroom on top of the table]

Karabo: Do you miss her?

Ntombi: No, I don’t. She was a control freak, treating us like brainless children.

Karabo: Me too. Have you seen her after the scene?

Ntombi: No! Her aunt is so disappointed in her. She was crying, she could not believe that Lebo could do such a thing.

Karabo: The girl is good. How many awards has she won? She even gets a distinction in Mathematics.

Ntombi: She is a real genius, I think she won about 17 awards. I don’t remember well. What about us zero? (they both laugh sadly)

Karabo: She should have left Prince the hell alone and focused on her studies. Mxm love can sometimes ruin your life, look now she is in jail for what? For love?

Ntombi: Do you think Mellisa loves Prince?

Karabo: (laughs) My friend I don’t know.

Ntombi: But something is going on between them, that I know.

Karabo: Poor girl is in hospital because of Lebo.

[Mellisa is back at school, she is in Mr Dube’s office]

Mr Dube: I’m sorry you had to go through all this. It’s my fault she stabbed you.

Mellisa: No its fine Sir.

Mr Dube: Don’t call me Sir, call me Prince.

Mellisa: (smiles) Okay Prince

Mr Dube: Yes Princess, so remember I told you how I feel and you never got a chance to tell me how you feel about me. I was dead serious, I meant every word. I love you and I don’t want to disrespect you or something.

Mellisa: Sir oh I mean Prince, I know this will sound crazy but listen we can’t date and you know the reasons so please back off. I’m still young.

Mr Dube: I know, I guess I will leave you alone. I don’t want to lose my job. Promise me that after matric we will do this.

Mellisa: I don’t want to lie, I truly love you but we cannot be together so I promise. It’s only 1 year and a half, I’m sure we can wait.

Mr Dube: How about I find another job at another school, that will be better.

Mellisa: No we will wait. Love is patience don’t forget.

Mr Dube: So while we wait, do I have to be single?

Mellisa: (laughs) That is up to you but I will be waiting.

Mr Dube: You are amazing I will wait for you babe.

Mellisa: (smiles) I will always love you.

[Mellisa is talking with Ntombi and Karabo on their way home]

Karabo: So tell us, are you two…?

Mellisa: (smiles) No we are not.

Ntombi: Do you love him?

Mellisa: (laughs) No girls le rata ditaba, come on it has always been about me so tell me guys are you dating?

Karabo: Love life is so complicated. Me and my boyfriend took a break. Mxm he is boring that one always busy, he puts his friends first so love sucks. What about you Ntombi? You are even worse you don’t talk about your boyfriend. Do you have a man in your life?

Ntombi: The only man I have in my life is God, these boys will break your hearts trust me. So Mellisa, what’s up?

Mellisa: Um me and Prince have decided not to date because of the obvious reasons, so we will wait for each other until I finish my matric.

Ntombi: See what I mean, do you think he will wait for you? He is a man. Man can never stay single my dear.

Karabo: No we don’t need that negativity, if they love each other they will wait.

Ntombi: Enough about boys, to be honest I hate them they are heartless and selfish.

Karabo: Let me turn you off. Let’s talk about June exams as you know they are around the corner.

Ntombi: What! Anyway who passes June exams? (rolls her eyes) I think I have an answer it’s Lebo.

Karabo: We never had such a good conversation with Lebo it was always about her, we were never given a chance to express our feelings

Mellisa: (smiles) Do you guys see what I am seeing?

[They all look back and there was a good looking guy, tall, carrying those kinda bags the students carry from varsity. The guy approaches the ladies, he wants to talk with Ntombi. Ntombi felt like she was in another world. That is the first time she felt love in her heart. Karabo and Mellisa left going to different directions. Now it was all about Ntombi a girl who fears being in love. There she was with this guy, she was in a small heaven with butterflies in her stomach.]

The End


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