[The competition went well Mellisa has won taking the first position, Mr Dube is very excited]

Mr Dube: Congratulations. I’m proud of you.

Mellisa: (smiles) thank you Sir.

[They both look into each other’s eyes and Mr Dube tries to kiss her.]

Mellisa: (angry) What are you doing Sir?

Mr Dube: I am really sorry I did not mean to.

[Mellisa slaps Mr Dube on the face.]

Mellisa: You are sick. How could you try to do something so stupid? I’m not surprised, that’s how you are dirty pig.

Mr Dube: Can’t you see? Are you blind? I have feelings for you. I can’t hide what I feel for you. I love you Mellisa.

Mellisa: I should have listened when they warned me about you.

Mr Dube: What are you talking about?

Mellisa: I respected you, you were such an inspiration to me but this, you have no shame!

Mr Dube: Do you know how it feels like to love someone?

Mellisa: I don’t care how it feels like, all you want from me is sex. Tell me if I’m lying? I know about those girls you raped. I know everything you are nothing but a bastard.

Mr Dube: (confused) Me? Raped who? You are not making any sense.

Mellisa: Game over. I’m going to report you. I’m a big girl, no stupid teacher will use me.

Mr Dube: Who told you this? Talk to me?

Mellisa: Lebo told me everything, I know your little secret.

Mr Dube: (laughs) You are joking right? Why would she lie to you?

Mellisa: (shouts) She loves you. Damnit!!

Mr Dube: But I love you.

[The following day, its Sunday. Karabo and Ntombi are walking to shop. Then they see Lebo running and crying. They try to stop her but she continues to run.]

Ntombi: What is wrong with her?

Karabo: Let’s find out from Sipho.

Ntombi: Hey Sipho, how was the competition, who won?

Karabo: Sipho why is she crying? She never cried in her whole life.

Ntombi: Yeah remember when her uncle died she never shed a tear. Why is she crying now or maybe it’s her aunt.

Sipho: Mr Dube is the cause.

Karabo: (shocked) What the? Tell us what happened?

Sipho: Mellisa and Mr Dube are dating, I just told her now. That is why she is crying.

Karabo: Wasted tears of love in vain

Ntombi: You can say that again.

Sipho: So Lebo had a crush on Mr Dube all along?

Karabo: That’s none of your business, now go.

Sipho: That’s how you thank me hey?

[It’s Monday, at school learners are at the assembly.]

Principal: Like I said this year we are pushing harder we all gonna pass okay. I am disappointed by the grade 11A there are few learners who have no respect for their teachers. Just because your teacher is younger or even the same age as you that doesn’t give you power to disrespect them. Mellisa, Lebo, Ntombi and Karabo when all learners go to their classes you go to my office.

[Lebo, Ntombi and Karabo are suprised why they are called to Principal’s office.]


Lebo: Mellisa, why are we here?

Mellisa: What makes you think I know?

Lebo: And you think I don’t know you are Mr Dube’s girlfriend?

Mellisa: And who told you that?

Lebo: (smiles) Mhmmm you have no idea who you are messing with, leave Prince alone.

[The Principal and Mr Dube walks into the office]

Principal: I can’t even look at you, you disgust me.

Lebo: Wait a minute, tell us why we are here some of us need to write assignments.

Principal: Assignments are written at home not at school.

Lebo: That’s your rule. My rule is I write my assignments anywhere I want.

Mr Dube: You are all here because you have been spreading bad rumours about me, so you better start talking before I get angry.

Ntombi: Bad rumours about you?

Principal: Lebo, can you point those girls you claim Mr Dube raped?

Lebo: (shocked) Pardon, I don’t know what you talking about.

Mellisa: You told me remember?

Lebo: (cries) I did not. Stop lying Mellisa.

Mr Dube: I treated you like my sister but you chose to betray me, why Lebo?

Lebo: Because I love you.

Principal: What do you know about love at your age? Ain’t you supposed to be loving your books?

Mr Dube: I don’t love you, even if I did, I am not allowed to date my learners, the law does not allow that.

Principal: Well since the truth is out, Lebo you agree you spread those rumours? Actually the four of you only know about this lie, so this remains with us but I have punishment for you. You will all clean the toilets for three months every day.

Ntombi: With all due respect please count me out.

Mr Dube: They will all clean Principal except for Mellisa.

Principal: Oh yes.

Karabo: What about me? The honest truth is that Lebo came to us and she told us this madness. We are not the one who came up with this lie, we are the victims here. Lebo should clean alone.

Principal: You shut up, the three of you will clean the toilets. It’s not open for discussion.

Karabo: Draw me, colour and paste. I am not going to do that.
(she stands up and walks out slapping the door)


[ Lebo is talking with Mr Dube]

Mr Dube: You really love me?

Lebo: I do with all of my heart, I have never felt like this before. At first I thought it was just a crush but as time went by I started to realise this is real, this is a man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Mr Dube: Many guys are dying to be with you, please give them a chance because I don’t feel anything for you. I’m sorry to break your heart but you deserve to know this. Still the law does not allow me to date learners.

Lebo: What a lame excuse but the law allows you to date Mellisa. You are not a good liar stop it. I get it, I won’t bother you again.

Mr Dube: I’m sorry to put you through this “the toilets”


Tell us: What do you think will happen next?