[The schools have just opened. A big number of learners is standing at the assembly waiting for their teachers to come out of the staff room. A group of friends are talking.]

Lebo: Mhmmm I still can’t believe.

Karabo: Yeah, unbelievable but the most shocking part is that Sipho passed.
(The three girls laugh.)

Lebo: Twenty learners passed in our class and the rest failed, imagine!

Ntombi: They deserve it. Why didn’t they study when we did? I know most people live to impress, you cannot do that with your books. Books should be your priority, I mean your best friend. People love to learn the hard way and…

Lebo: No! stop friend I know you, when you start talking you won’t finish. You can talk the whole day with your motivations.

Karabo: (smiles) Do you still want to be a motivational speaker?

Ntombi: Of course darling.

[The teachers move to the assembly to address the learners. Within few minutes every learner was quiet and standing properly in their lines, and they sing a worship song.]

Principal: Morning everyone, I welcome you all. I would love to believe that we all had wonderful and peaceful holidays. I’m not going to say much but I have to say that I’m disappointed by the poor results of 2014. The grade 10 results are even worse. Let me not talk about the matric results because I will lose my mind, what kind of a school is it that gets 66% pass rate? It tells you teachers that this year we will work harder and get 100% pass. There is no matriculant that is going to sleep, we will all work to improve those results. You can all go to your classes.

[The learners are making noise and the teacher, Ms Mokeona tries to keep them quiet.]

Ms Mokeona: The hardest thing in the world is being a teacher, now I have to tell you to keep quiet. I thought you were matured but I was wrong. Come on guys you are in grade eleven; you are adults now, you know the importance of education. I don’t want to push you. Okay, I’m going to be your class teacher for this year.

[A group of boys complains at the corner and other learners are clapping hands looking happy.]

Ms Mokeona: Sipho do you have anything to say?

Sipho: (points) Why are you our class teacher?

Ms Mokeona: How the hell am I supposed to know? I’m at work not in the play-ground. I follow the rules. I was told to be a class teacher of 11A. So you expected me to say no ah? Sipho let me give you friendly advice, go to your ancestors and thank them for the miracle they have made that you are now in grade in 11. Please do that because if it was not for their miracle you would have been in grade10 as we speak. Count your words when talking to me boy, cause I know every information behind your pass.

[The class laughs.]

Sipho: You see ma’am you get too personal, what I was trying to say is that we are glad you are our class teacher. Isn’t it class?

Ms Mokeona: Shut up Sipho.

[Mr Ncube knocks, he is with a new learner and Ms Mokeona goes to the door]

Ms Mokeona: And who is this?

Mr Ncube: Mellisa, she will be attending in this class. I have to rush to the office, bye.
[Ms Mokeona walks in the classroom with Mellisa and boys are making a noise while others are irritated especially girls.]

Ms Mokeona: Whoaw!! Shut up and show some respect. This is Mellisa (points) your new classmate. Take a sit girl and don’t let these stupid boys harass you.

[Everyone wants Mellisa to sit with them but she chooses to stay with Lebo and her friends. The bell rings and Ms Mokeona goes out without saying goodbye.]

Lebo: So… Mellisa I’m Lebo, a well-known, and these are my friends (points) Karabo and Ntombi.

Mellisa: Nice to meet you guys. So… Lebo you are famous “a well-known”?

Lebo: Yes dear. I’m known of my excellent work at school, I have beauty with brains. You know a pretty face won’t make you pass. Did you know that?

Mellisa: (smiles) Yes I know.

Lebo: Do you have a boyfriend?

Mellisa: (shocked) What the?

Lebo: Relax we are girls, and it’s not like we are in a mission of stealing your man.

Mellisa: Still searching for Mr right.

[Mr Dube walks to the classroom, carrying a few books. He is an English teacher. He grabs a chair, opens one of his books. He is not interested in the noise the learners are making.]

Lebo: Sir, we have got a new kid on the block.

Mr Dube: Who is that?

Lebo: Friend, you are telling me you don’t see a new face. Oh girl you have a serious make over to do.

Mr Dube: (searches and points) Is that you?

Mellisa: Yes Sir.

Mr Dube: Oh your name?

Mellisa: Mellisa.

Mr Dube: And you don’t have a surname. (The whole class laughs) that is not a joke. Lisa come here.

[Mellisa stands up and goes to Mr Dube’s table, they both sit.]

Mr Dube: Your name?

Mellisa: I thought I told you.

Mr Dube (smiles) Oh, so tell me about yourself?

[Mellisa tells him about herself, all Mr Dube could do is stare at her beautiful eyes. He feels something so strong inside even a blind person can tell that Mr Dube has a thing for Mellisa.]

Lebo: (curious) What are they talking about? Why is it taking so long?


Tell us: Do you think Lebo has a thing for Mr Dube?