Chloe’s dad, William, had been unemployed for a year. But the following year, in late January, he received a call from his friend. He had gotten a job as an accountant. William was very good at accounting, but this job was in Sandton, Johannesburg.

William: Chloe, I got the job but it’s in Sandton. Since I need this job, we have to live with your grandmother.

Chloe: But Dad, I’m already used to living here. How will I adapt to Sandton?

William: Just like you adapted here.

Chloe: But…

William: No buts!

Chloe: What about school?

William: You will go to another school. But this time it’ll be a private school.

Chloe: No way, Dad, I can’t do that! It’s June already. We are writing exams. Besides, how will you get a transfer letter so quickly?

William: You’ll write them at your new school. Don’t worry about that.

Chloe: If Mom was still here none of this would have happened!

William: Don’t you dare mention that name again, OK? She left you and Sam alone and I had to take care of you. What kind of mother does that?

Chloe: Sorry, Dad, I didn’t mean to upset you.

William: It’s OK. Just don’t do that again.

Sam: Dad, what’s going on?

William: You’re going to a new school.

Sam: Really?

William: Yes.

Chloe: Dad, I don’t want to go to a new school. I love mine.

William: Do you want to stay here?

Chloe: No, I don’t.

Chloe eventually gave in and lived with her father, brother and grandmother in Sandton.

The End


Tell us: Have you ever had to change schools?