[At the Young Blood offices. Sham called an emergency meeting on behalf of the CEO, to inform the staff about the bad news.]

Sham: Ladies and Gentlemen, before I announce the bad news, I would like to announce that my wife, Nomusa is not going to join us in this meeting. Honorable board of Directors and Honorable colleagues, our beloved majority shareholder, my grandmother-in-law, Mrs Ledger, has passed away this morning, in a psychiatric institution.

Staff: (shocked) Oh, no man.

Sham: Yes, and I am sorry guys to tell you that we, as a family, have decided to give her corpse to the government to bury her on our behalf.

Juke: I don’t mean to judge your family’s decision but don’t you think that she deserves a decent funeral?

Staff: (seconding Juke’s statement) Yes, that’s true.

Sham: Guys, I know that you all loved this old lady and she was important to us all, but this is something that we had to do for our family’s sake.

Juke: So, what is going to happen to her company? Are you going to sell it or maybe our jobs are on the line?

Sham: No guys, everyone is going to keep his or her job. My wife and I are going to be the official fifty-four percent shareholders of this company. I thank you all for your time; you may go back to your work.

[Meeting dismisses.]

Juke: You know what Metsi? I don’t trust this guy.

Metsi: What do you mean by that, Juke?

Juke: Something is telling me that he is behind the death of Mrs Ledger.

Metsi: Juke, don’t interfere in this matter. Sham is very dangerous.

Juke: I am not afraid of Sham, Metsi.

Metsi: Do you really wanna risk your job, Juke? I don’t think so, so back off and mind your own damn business.

Juke: Maybe you are right; I just need to back off and let the family deal with it.

[At the church where Nomusa’s son has been hiding out.]

Nomusa: (crying) Oh my son, Lucky you are still alive, my son.

Lucky: (also crying) Mum, mummy it’s you. Oh my God… I thought you’d forsaken me.

Nomusa: It’s me, my son. Mummy loves you, Lucky, and she will never forsake you.

Lucky: I thought I will never see you again, mummy.

Nomusa: Don’t cry son. I am here and from now on nothing will ever come between us.

Lucky: You promise me, mom?

Nomusa: I promise you, Lucky, my son. I want you to take over my assets and business when I die.

Lucky: Mum, you are not going to die, not now and not ever.

Nomusa: I know my son, but I want to promise you that whoever killed your dad and hurt you is going to pay.

Lucky: Mom, I want to be the one who makes these guys to pay for what they did to me, my father and you.

Nomusa: Son, you are still young and you are still doing your Matric. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Lucky: No, no mum, this is my battle.

Nomusa: But son, I have to do what is best for you.

Lucky: OK mum, but please promise me that you are going to be safe.

Nomusa: I promise, son.

Lucky: Great, cause I don’t want to lose you the same way I lost my dad.

Nomusa: My son, mummy is here to stay. And besides, the world will be much better without the guy who killed your father.

Lucky: That’s true mom.

Nomusa: Lucky my boy, I have to go now to meet my lawyer for the changing of my will.

Lucky: It’s fine mum. But please promise me that you will come to see me tomorrow.

Nomusa: Definitely, son.

Lucky: I love you mom, more than the words can say.

Nomusa: Mummy loves you more than she loves herself, boy. You mean everything to me, Lucky.