(Few days later, Gloria is talking to her son)

Gloria: Indeed I’d have died under that man’s arms and charms if you weren’t here to guard me, my little hero.

Thapelo: Little hero? (Chuckling) You carried me for nine months and raised me for so many years so now it’s my turn to protect you.

Gloria: And you have brought the skeletons out of the closet son.

Thapelo: I wouldn’t have done it without my friends. Actually, they’re the ones who took that hooligan out of our lives.

Gloria: Friends?

Thapelo: Yes, Chris and TK.

Gloria: And who’s TK?

Thapelo: Thakgatso, that shorty you once chased out of our house because you thought he was misleading me.

Gloria: I was only trying to protect you.

Thapelo: I know, and I meant no harm.

Gloria: So those two are the ones who saved me from this horrible dark cloud in my house? (She sits down) You should invite them over today.

Thapelo: I’m on it.

(Thapelo exits the house and Gloria talks to herself out loud)

Gloria: Abednego Tumbai, a murderer, a rapist, conman, hijacker, card scammer and a serial killer? Sleeping under my roof and in my own bed? What did you get yourself into Gloria?


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