(Two days later Gloria and James returns from their getaway)

(During supper that evening)

Gloria: I wonder what we did to deserve such a mouth-watering meal.

James: My stomach is even complaining.

Gloria: It must be surprised too. (Laughs)

Thapelo: Come on, this is just a welcome home meal.

James: And we’re not complaining, this is very delicious.

Thapelo: So are you guys saying that I can cook?

Gloria: No, nobody is saying anything.

(Knocks on the door)

Gloria: Expecting anyone?

Thapelo: No, who could it be this time?

James: Maybe he invited his girlfriend, and she’s late.

Thapelo: No, come on. I didn’t invite anyone.

Gloria: Ok, I will get it.

(She runs to the door and opens)

Gloria: Police?

Police officer: Good evening, we’re very sorry to disturb your lovely family time.

Gloria: Come in.

Police officer: We are looking for Abednego Tumbai.

Gloria: Sorry, Abed who?

Police officer: Abednego Tumbai.

Thapelo: Well, you must have come to the wrong address, we don’t have any Abednego in this house or know anyone in particular.

Police: We have verified the address, and we know why we are here.

Gloria: No, check it again.

Police officer: Seems like you’re also not familiar with the name, Okay. We are looking for James Ngwenya, the driver of a Yellow Mazda 323. Does that ring a bell?

(Gloria and her son looks at each other surprisingly)

James: I am James, and how can I help you gentlemen?

Police officer: Oh, thanks Mr. Is it Ngwenya or Tumbai? (Silence) Ok, let’s not waste anyone’s time. Can we please search your car Mr?

James: Go down the passage, the car is on your right.

(The police heads to the garage)

Thapelo: What’s going on here?

Gloria: And who’s Abednego Dubai or whoever they want?

James: Why are you guys asking me?

Gloria: They are here because of you.

(The police comes back with a plastic bag)

Police officer: Surprise, look what we found in your car Mr Tumbai.

(They show him the two guns and face cloth with blood)

Gloria: Guns in my house?

James: I don’t know where that came from, aren’t those yours? I swear I don’t have a gun.

Police officer: I’m sorry, but you have to come with us to our station.

James: I did nothing wrong, I am innocent. You have to believe me. Honey tell them that I am innocent please. This must be a mistake or maybe I’m being framed.

Police officer: Well, it’s not a mistake. And we both know, right Abednego? You have been on the run for far too long and there’s no escape for you.

Gloria: Can someone explain what the hell is going on here?

Police officer: We would like to stay and chat, but duty calls. Let’s go Mr James Ngwenya or is it Abednego Tumbai?


Tell us: What do you think resulted to James’s arrest?