(On their way)

Thapelo: Stay in your lane bro, are you drunk?

Chris: Relax man, I know what I’m doing.

TK: So our plan still stands?

Chris: Yeah, sure thing.

Thapelo: (Feeling anxious) Excuse me, what plan is that?

TK: The girls we are going to pick up bro, I told you not to worry.

Chris: Yeah, chill bro. We got this, tonight you’re going to learn something new.

Thapelo: Sure whatever. But don’t forget that we have to return this car, just don’t let it slip out of your little brains.

(Chris speeds up the car)

Thapelo: Dude you’re driving too fast. (Silence) Slow down bro.

TK: Hit the gears, the scene is safe.

Thapelo: What are you guys talking about? Dude, slow down. Can’t you see the car in front of us?

Chris: Stop whining, you said we have to return this car.

(Chris intentionally bumps into the car in front of them)

Thapelo: (Put his hands on his head) Oh, no. This didn’t just happen, what have you done?

TK: So what do we do now?

Chris: Let’s go and help the lady quickly, Thapelo stay in the car. We will try to apologise and fix this mess.

(They step out of the car)

Chris: (Mumbling) The first thing is to help ourselves before we help whoever is in that car, and we keep it smart and clean.

TK: Sure, let’s get on it.

Chris: We don’t shoot anyone and we don’t stab anyone, got it?

TK: Sure, we have done this before so I’m not a newbie in this game.

(They get in the car and starting search the car)

Chris: Search her wallet and her pockets, and I will deal with her accessories.

TK: She’s bleeding a lot. We must rush her to the hospital.

Chris: How much you got?

TK: R1800. So do we leave her here?

Chris: We will call an ambulance anonymously. Let’s go.

TK: And her earrings?

Chris: Leave that, what are we going to do with her earrings? Don’t mention this to Thapelo.

(They step out of the car)

Chris: Call an ambulance! Somebody help!

TK: Somebody needs to take the fall!

(TK takes James’ driver’s license and leaves it in the lady’s car)


Tell us: Why do you think they’ve decided to leave behind James’s driver’s license?